How to use the data from

Needs version 3.14 or later.

The site has free index data and inexpensive end of day data for many different countries.

To use their data you will need to first subscribe to their service.

On the main page click on the MyList button, on this page you can create lists to download data.

There is a limit of 1Mbyte of data for download at a time, then our suggestion is create a main list with all the symbols you want, (be careful to always select the exchange for the symbols, as they have many countries there are duplicate symbols with different prices,  like INTC). You will use this list to download the most recent data, today or current week.

To get the data for the first time for a symbol, create a list that you will use to download ,example 4 year of data, insert new symbols that you want and delete symbols that you already got the long historic data. This list will be always short, 4 years of data for 10 symbols is around 0.6Mbytes, do not forget you are limited to 1Mbyte files.

After your list on the screen is the Download Now button, click to go to the Download page.

On the download page select the period you want to download, if downloading your main list select TODAY or current week, if downloading your long historic data list select the start date and end date to download.

Keep the format as STANDARD ASCII FILE, do not change any option in there.

Click the Download Now button and save the downloaded file in to the C:\FTGT\DOWNLOADQUOTES.COM folder, make sure the extension of the saved file is .ASC. This special folder will be used just for in data from

After the file is saved into the special folder for go to the Fibonacci Trader program and click UTILITIES, CHECK INDATA.

The program will search for new files on the folder, load that data, create the parameters files and plans as needed.

On the Fibonacci Trader if you click on PLANS, and select the End of Day Section you will see the created plans in there, they will be the stock name follow by -> Just open the plans as you need.

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