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Q:  Thomas, what is the Fixed angle and how would we use it in our analysis?

A:  OK, let's consider a real situation.

Montana Power (MTP) has it's Natal Sun at 29.5 degrees of Aries, which is 29.5 also on the wheel of 360 (the wheel starts at 0 Aries).

I am interested in seeing when Jupiter is conjunct this natal position, so I set up an aspect on the price chart using Aspect to a Fixed Angle.

I use the position of the Natal Sun as the fixed angle value (29.5), set Jupiter as the planet to aspect (click on Planet tab and select Jupiter), set the aspect angle value to 0 (to see the conjunction), and set N for multiples (if I were trying to see any aspect other than a conjunction, like a trine, I might set this value at Y so that I could see the trine on both sides). 

Next, I apply this to the MTP price chart.  You can see from the third attachement that we now have a price bar highlighted for the day that Jupiter is conjunct to the natal Sun position for MTP, and this creates a buying opportunity.

You sent another email asking about the Sun trined to a fixed angle of 0 degrees.  This is simply the Sun at 120 or 240 degrees on the wheel.  In this case, it is the Sun moving into Sagittarius, which starts at 240 on the wheel.  We do watch planets changing signs, and the signs that start at higher harmonic values on the wheel do hold a higher significance, but these events are not as powerful as aspects between planets, or aspects to natal positions.  You can isolate aspects between transiting planets and the 0 line by using the same Aspect to Fixed Angle aspect option, with the fixed angle value of 0.  You can also see these aspects listed in the Aspects Research section by selecting the fixed angle option in the Aspect options window and inputting the angle, either 0 or a natal position in the fixed angle box.  You will then see listed in the aspects list aspects of all angles that you have chosen in the options window to this particular fixed angle.  You can also use the fixed angle options to see aspects to Eclipse points.  This is something we do quite often, because aspects to the latest eclipse points can be quite powerful.

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