Special Features

Planetary Lines

Work with the planetary lines of all planets


Work with aspects of all planets

Instant Aspects

Check for aspects

Aspects Research

Research for aspects

View Ephemeris

View the graphic Ephemeris or planets positions

Live Planetary Time Clock

A live Planetary Clock with aspects

Universal Clock

View the Universal Clock

Astronomical Time Bands

Is a time expansion in calendar days (for daily bars only) or trading days

Show Natal Chart List

Open the Natal Chart List of the companies that we have in file, you can see First Trade or Incorporation Natal Charts.

Open MMA Window

For users that have the MMA add-on only.



Will draw the planetary support and resistance based on planetary position.

24 Price Lines, Sun/Earth Price Line, Moon Price Line, Mercury Price Line, Venus Price Line, Mars Price Line, Jupiter, Price Line, Saturn Price Line, Uranus Price Line, Neptune Price Line, Pluto Price Line, North True Node Price Line, Sun, Declination, Moon Declination, Mercury Declination, Venus Declination, Mars Declination, Jupiter Declination, Saturn, Declination, Uranus Declination, Neptune Declination, Pluto Declination, North True Node Declination, Planets Average, Sun/Earth Longitude, Moon Longitude, Mercury Longitude, Venus Longitude, Mars Longitude, Jupiter Longitude, Saturn, Longitude, Uranus Longitude, Neptune Longitude, Pluto Longitude, North True Node Longitude, Sun Right Ascension, Moon Right Ascension, Mercury Right Ascension, Venus Right Ascension, Mars Right Ascension, Jupiter Right Ascension, Saturn Right Ascension, Uranus Right Ascension, Neptune Right Ascension, Pluto Right Ascension, North True Node Right, Ascension, Sun/Earth Latitude, Moon Latitude, Mercury Latitude, Venus Latitude, Mars Latitude, Jupiter Latitude, Saturn, Latitude, Uranus Latitude, Neptune Latitude, Pluto Latitude, North True Node Latitude


The program shows in the chart where aspects occurred or will occur, Angles Between Planes, Retrograde, Direct, Changing Signs, Planet All Signs, Crossing Line, New Moon, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Planet in a Sign, Aspect to a Fixed Angle, Parallel, Contraparallel, Latitude Conjunctions, Angle Between Planets using Latitudes, Planet Latitude, Aphelion and Perihelion. You can do all these Geocentric or Heliocentric.

Angle Between Planets, Planet Changing Signs, Planet All Signs, Crossing Line, New Moon, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Going Retrograde, Going Direct, Planet(s) in Aries, Planet(s) into a Sign, Planets in Conjunction, Planets Together on 24 Wheel


Click the left mouse button slightly to the right of any bar and immediately a box with the list of aspects for that day will appear


Find aspects for a specific date, month or year.
The following aspects are available.


View the Ephemeris curves, for all planets

Also in Elongation format.

Click on the Planets button and this window will show a very simple planetary position to help beginner users.


The Live Planetary Time Clock will show the planets moving in real time.

Select Aspects from the aspects list.

Check at what time they occur.


Check prices and planetary positions direct on the Universal Clock wheel.
Select a stock and the position of prices will be show direct on the wheel.
For a more deep information on the Universal Clock you can order Jeanne Longs Universal Clock book.


See how planetary lines will project in the future.


The program has a list of stocks with the Incorporation and First Trade Dates, you can add to this list or create your own list
With this information you can have a complete Natal Chart, with many different kind of progressions.

Right click on one of the stocks, the menu will open with the following options:
New add a stock to the list
Edit - edit the parameters of the selected stock
Delete delete the selected stock from the list
Show Incorporation show the incorporation date natal chart
Show First Trade show the first trade date natal chart
Set Defaults will open the window for you to select your default choices.

On the next picture we show the Natal Chart of the Incorporation date for Adv. Micro Devices.

On this chart menu when you click on File you will be able to print the chart, select if you want the printing in color or not on the Print Options, go to the printer setup or close the chart clicking on Exit.

On the Options menu you can select to show or not a Tri-Chart, click on Tri-Chart show and you will have a chart as show on the next window.

Under Tri-Chart you can select what kind of progression you want to have. On the previous picture we are seeing the natal Chart for Incorporation of Adv. Micro Devices, with 3/19/2001 planetary positions and the Secondary Progression, all on Placidus House System.
If you right click on the chart the same list for the progression type selection will open.
To select a different House System click on House System.
Show Houses, Use Natal Ascendant and Show Angles on Chart are all on and off options for you to select.


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